Microfertilizers «UAROSTOK»®

Llc "Ukrainian Agrarian Resource" products and develop liquid complex chelated micronutrient fertilizers «UAROSTOK»®

To provide plants with a balanced nutrition, llc "Ukrainian Agrarian Resource" offers agricultural producers a wide range of high-quality microfertilizers «UAROSTOK»® of their own production.

Microfertilizers «UAROSTOK»® - fertilizers containing macro- and micronutrients on a chelate basis, which are used for pre-sowing seed treatment, foliar feeding of plants and in fertigation systems.

Fertilizers are produced according to the modern European technologies, which is confirmed by an audit conducted by the international organization system of independent certification (sic) in 2013: the production of micronutrient fertilizers meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000: 2005 "Food safety management systems. Requirements for any food chain organizations".

It should be noted that the quality and safety of «UAROSTOK»® microfertilizers is confirmed by the international Organic certificate, which includes a set of regulatory documents for the production, processing, labeling and marketing of organic products.

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Over the years of our activity, we have received the favor of our consumers. We will be glad to everyone who will join the circle of people who have already made sure that Ukrainian product can also be of high quality and economically profitable. We are always ready to cooperate and develop together such an important branch of the agro-industrial complex.