“ROSTOK” Garden trees and shrubs 1L/10L/1000L

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Physical form:
Fertilizer form:
trace elements in chelated form
processing of planting material; foliar top dressing; drip irrigation
Application rate:
10-50 ml/5-10 l water; 2-3 l/ha; 60-100 ml/1000 l water
Fertilizer composition:
macronutrients, micronutrients, humic acids, amino acids
Chemical composition, g/l:
N-70, Р2О5-30, К2О-50, MgO-6, SO3-12, Fe-0.4, Mn-0.1, B-0.5, Zn-0.5, Cu-0.25
Additional substances:
Storage conditions:
+5С t +40С
Expiration date:
2 years


Development phase

Application rate l/ha


Apple tree, pear, plum, cherry, currant, gooseberry, raspberry, wild strawberry, strawberry, blueberry

Before flowering

5-6 л

Ovary formation



Presowing seed treatment

Working solution concentration

0.1-0.5% (exposure 5 minutes)

Spring (may)

2-4 l (at a consumption of 200-300 l ha)

Summer (July)

Autumn (october)



Planting material processing

Concentration of working solution

0.1-0.5% (exposure 5 minutes)

Budding phase

10 ml per 100 l of water (root feeding)

10-15 ml per 10 l of water (foliar)

1-2 feeding during the period of intensive growth in 2-3 weeks each subsequent


"ROSTOK" Garden trees and shrubs - liquid, highly concentrated, complex chelated micronutrient fertilizer with a high content of nutrients, developed specifically for garden crops, ornamental plants and flowers.

Fertilizer is used for watering and foliar feeding of trees, bushes, semi-bushes, herbaceous plants, lawn grasses and flowers.

The fertilizer contains macro nutrients, trace elements, amino acids, carboxylic acids, humic substances and an adhesive.


- improves the quality of planting material;

- accelerates the growth and development of plants;

- improves tillering of lawn grasses;

- increases the intensity of photosynthesis;

- reduces plant stress from soil-climatic and anthropogenic factors;

- increases winter hardiness and frost resistance of plants;

- contributes to the formation of an excellent appearance of plants;

- increases the resistance of plants to diseases, especially chlorosis and fungal diseases;

- increases the number and size of flowers by 5-10%, increases the intensity of their color (for ornamental plants), lengthens the duration of their flowering;

- increases the number of productive plants and the mass of fruits;

- increases crop yield up to 25%;

- improves the quality indicators of fruits (increases the content of vitamins, dry substances, sugars, reduces the content of nitrates, improves taste);

- helps to extend the shelf life of products.

Also, in order to improve the growth and development of plants, it is recommended to add "ROSTOK" Macro, "ROSTOK" Fruiting, "ROSTOK" Calcium + micro, "ROSTOK" Iron.

Обробка посадкового матеріалу: проводиться в 0,1-0,5% водному розчині мікродобрив тривалістю до 4 годин.
Позакореневе підживлення:
Порядок приготування робочого розчину:

1. Резервуар обприскувача наповнити на 2/3 об’єму водою, додати карбамід (за необхідності), ввімкнути мішалку;

2. Додати по черзі макро- потім мікродобрива «УАРОСТОК»® та препарати захисту рослин (якщо вони передбачені і рекомендовані, після їх попереднього змішування та опробування);

3. Доповнити резервуар водою до повного об’єму і приступити до обприскування.

Крапельне зрошення: використовують робочий розчин концентрацією 0,006–0,01%.


Of using complex fertilizer on complex-forming acid basis (EDTA)

“ROSTOK” Garden trees and shrubs


Form: liquid

Purpose: - processing of landing material;

-         foliar feeding;

-         root feeding;

-         drip irrigation.


The content of active substances, g/l











«ROSTOK»  Garden trees and shrubs











Composition:  Macronutrient, micronutrient,  humic substances - 5 g/l, amino acids  - 0,4%, carboxylic acids, sticky substance.

Approach of using and consumption rate:

Processing of landing material: or (soaking) is being conducted in 0,1-0,5% water solution of micro-fertilizer during 4 hours. Prepared solution may be used for a few times in 24 hours. After processing the seeds are aired and sowed immediately.

Foliar feeding: in this way elements are absorbed from fertilizers by plants at 95-100%. Consumption rate of working solution is 200-300 l/hectare.

Drip irrigation: working solution with concentration of 0,006%-0,01% is used.

Root feeding: is conducted under circumstances when there isn’t any possibility of making leaf-feeding, stirring 0,8-1,0 liter for 100 liters of water.

Spending of working solution: for trees 3-12 litres per tree (depended of age),  for bushes 1-1,5 liter per bush,  for half-bushes 6-7 liters per bush,  for grassy plants 200-300 liters per hactare.


Phase of development       

rate of introduction, concentration of working solution (%) 

Trees (apple tree, pear, plum, cherry) bushes (currant, gooseberry), half-bushes (raspberry)  and grassy plants (strawberries, strawberries, blueberries) 


Before flowering


Before forming of flower buds

Lawn grass

Processing of seeds before sowing

0,1-0,5 (exposition 5 minutes)

Spring (may)

1-2 liters at 200-300 liters water per hectare

Summer (July)

Autumn (October)


rate of introduction

0,1-0,5 (exposition 5 minutes)



**foliar fidding

1-2 feeding during intensive growth of 2-3 weeks each subsequent

Autumn (perennial)

*10 milliliters for 100 liters of water;

**10-15  milliliters for 10 liters of water

   The value of microfertilizer “ROSTOK” Garden trees and shrubs: fertilizer has universal compound, that correspond biological demands of fruit, berry and ornamental plants. This cultures highly demanded of securement of phosphorus, calcium, manganese, boron, zinc and iron, and in less degree they need magnesium and copper.

The use of microfertilizer “ROSTOK” Garden trees and shrubs helps:

-         increasing of quality of landing material;

-         accelerating of growth and development of plants;

-         enhancing of lawn herbs tillering;

-         decreasing of competitiveness from moss and wild plants;

-         increasing of photosynthesis intensity for 10-40%;

-         decreasing of getting stressed by of soil and climatic and anthropogenic factors;

-         increasing of winter and frost hardiness of plants;

-         increasing of plant resistance to diseases, especially fungal diseases and chlorosis;

-         increasing of the number and size of flowers by 5-10%, increasing of the intensity of their color for decorative plants; lengthening the duration of their bloom;

-         increasing of number of productive flowers and fruits masses;

-         increasing of crop yield by 10-15%;

-         improvement of fruit quality indexes (increased content of vitamins, solids, sugars, nitrate reduction, improving the taste properties);

-         lengthening the shelf life of products.

   General recommendations: it is expedient to prepare tank mixtures of urea and crop protection liquids (if necessary). Foliar feeding of plants is better to perform before 12 th hour of the day or after 17 o'clock in the evening during the phases of growth and development of crops that are most sensitive to the provision of micronutrients. Not recommended for handling during the day when it is scorching sun or windy weather. Evening or morning dew on the efficiency of feed is not affected! The water temperature for preparation of the working solution should be close to the ambient temperature (not recommended to perform the processing with cold water, dialed directly from the well, as is the likelihood of stress in plants, which contributes to the development of disease, cessation of plant growth and their death).

   Security measures: The product is non-toxic to humans and bees, not allergenic, environmentally safe, by the classification refers to the 4 groups which represents non-hazardous substances. While working with the drug, you should observe accepted security measures.

   Equipment: 1 liter, 10 liters, 1000 liters.

   Storage: Keep out of reach of children at temperature from + 5 ° C to + 40.

 Shelf  life - 2 years.

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