The company "Ukrainian Agrarian Resource" offers an additional service "Express diagnostics of plants"

Functional leaf diagnostics of plant nutrition refers to qualitative methods of analysis and allows you to determine the excess or lack of nutrients in the plant. The expressiveness of the method makes it possible to quantify the need for macro- and micronutrients before each feeding of the plants. These laboratories will allow the agronomist to adjust the mineral nutrition of plants for such nutrients as: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt and iodine. Plants can be diagnosed anywhere, even in the field. The analysis takes 45 minutes. This method can be used to diagnose plant nutrition, both outdoors and indoors, hydroponics and so on.

Based on the results of the analyzes, our agricultural chemists provide scientifically grounded recommendations on the use of both the main elements of mineral nutrition (N, P, K) and trace elements in the fertilization system of agricultural crops, will provide your plants with nutrition, and so - the highest quality harvest.

The essence of the express diagnostic method

This diagnostics is based on determining the photochemical activity of a chloroplast suspension, to which elements of mineral nutrition are added. If the addition of any object accelerates the photochemical activity of chloroplasts, this indicates its deficiency in the plant. And, conversely, suppression of photochemical activity upon addition of a battery indicates its excess.

Service advantages:

- Provides a clear picture of the plant's nutrient requirements.

- Allows you to determine the level of supply of the plant with elements of mineral nutrition at each phase of its growth and development.

- The use of those nutrients that the plant needs.

- The analysis is carried out on 14 elements.

- The analysis takes up to 45 minutes.

The cost of the service is UAH 200 + transportation costs. In the case of ordering our products for more than 60 thousand UAH, the service is provided FREE OF CHARGE, for any agricultural crop you choose, throughout the growing season.

Our technique saves you time and money spent on excessive fertilization, and also makes it possible to obtain the maximum result from the use of microfertilizers.

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